2020-2021 Academic Year Interns

SPIN intern Sruthi Bhattiprolu

Sruthi Bhattiprolu

SPIN intern Melissa Chen

Melissa Chen - Computer Science

SPIN intern Churan He

Churan He

SPIN intern Mohammed Shafwat Jamil

Mohammed Shafwat Jamil

SPIN intern Yihong Jian

Yihong Jian

SPIN intern Matthew Jin

Matthew Jin

SPIN intern Maxwell Jong

Maxwell Jong

SPIN intern Aditya Mansharamani

Aditya Mansharamani - Computer Science

  • Project scope: Microbial biomarkers of food intake
  • Mentor: Hannah Holscher
SPIN intern Ritika Sinha

Ritika Sinha

SPIN intern John W. Walls

John W. Walls

SPIN intern Justin Wang

Justin Wang

SPIN intern Ruobin Wang

Ruobin Wang

SPIN intern Yuzhou Wang

Yuzhou Wang

  • Project scope: Deep learning for multi-messenger astrophysics
  • Mentor: Eliu Huerta
SPIN intern Trevor Wong

Trevor Wong

Returning Interns

SPIN intern Saumya Agrawal

Saumya Agrawal - Computer Science and Statistics

SPIN intern Pranshu Chaturvedi

Pranshu Chaturvedi

SPIN intern Zixuan Chen

Zixuan Chen - Computer Science

SPIN intern Ke Deng

Ke Deng - Computer Sience and Statistics

SPIN intern Ishani Desai

Ishani Desai - Statistics and Computer Science

SPIN intern Meridith Embry

Meridith Embry - Agricultural and Biological Engineering

SPIN intern Kajetan Haas

Kajetan Haas - General Studies

SPIN intern Sarah Kishta

Sarah Kishta - Community Health

SPIN intern Andrew Sunwoo Lee

Andrew Sunwoo Lee - Chemistry

SPIN intern Wei Luo

Wei Luo - Computer Science

  • Project scope: Music on high-performance computers
  • Mentor: Sever Tipei
SPIN intern Zhili Luo

Zhili Luo - Electrical & Computer Engineering

  • Project scope: Virtual reality and ray tracing for materials science data visualization
  • Mentor: Andre Schleife
SPIN intern Rauf Makharov

Rauf Makharov

  • Project scope: Innovative Systems Lab projects
  • Mentors: Aiman Soliman, Volodymyr Kindratenko
SPIN intern Sneh Pandya

Sneh Pandya - Physics

SPIN intern Anshul Shah

Anshul Shah - Engineering Physics

  • Project scope: Meeting the LSST data challenge: Galaxy detection and segmentation with deep learning
  • Mentor: Xin Liu
SPIN intern Keshav Shivam

Keshav Shivam - Computer Science

SPIN intern Andy Sima

Andy Sima - ESE (Sustainability) and Creative Writing

SPIN intern Andrew Wang

Andrew Wang - Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

  • Project scope: Improving thermoelectric properties via dopability predictions
  • Mentor: Elif Ertekin
SPIN intern Tao Zang

Tao Zang - Civil and Environmental Engineering

SPIN intern Chenyu Zhao

Chenyu Zhao - Computer Science and Linguistics

  • Project scope: Speech-to-text auto captioning
  • Mentor: Michael Miller - NCSA Event Services

Past SPIN interns

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