2019 Summer Interns

SPIN intern Yifan Chen

Yifan Chen

SPIN intern Yuxi (Sophia) Ding

Yuxi (Sophia) Ding - Statistics, Computer Science

SPIN intern Arjun Gupta

Arjun Gupta - Computer Engineering

  • Project scope: Deep learning and neuroscience
SPIN intern Teja Gupta

Teja Gupta - Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Project scope: The impact of housing discrimination on the pollution exposure gap in the United States
  • Mentor: Ignacio Sarmiento Barbieri - Earth and Environment
SPIN intern Kajetan Haas

Kajetan Haas - General Studies

SPIN intern Swan Htun

Swan Htun - Engineering Physics

SPIN intern Enyi Jiang

Enyi Jiang

SPIN intern Han Jiang

Han Jiang

SPIN intern Andong Jing

Andong Jing - Mathematics and Computer Science

  • Project scope: Virtual reality and ray tracing for materials science data visualization
  • Mentor: Andre Schleife
SPIN intern Bhanuchandra Kappala

Bhanuchandra Kappala

  • Project scope: Using satellite data for large-scale crop monitoring
  • Mentor: Kaiyu Guan
SPIN intern Xiaolan Ke

Xiaolan Ke - Computer Science

  • Project scope: Deep learning at scale for multi-messenger astrophysics in the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope era
  • Mentor: Eliu Huerta - Physics and Astronomy
SPIN intern Yuan (Jeff) Ma

Yuan (Jeff) Ma - Computer Engineering

SPIN intern Yuhang Ren

Yuhang Ren - Electrical Engineering

SPIN intern Haorong Sun

Haorong Sun

  • Project scope: Music on high-performance computers
  • Mentor: Sever Tipei
SPIN intern Panqiu (Phoebe) Tang

Panqiu (Phoebe) Tang - Computer Science

SPIN intern Yu Che (Jeffrey) Wang

Yu Che (Jeffrey) Wang - Computer Science

SPIN intern Zichen Wang

Zichen Wang

  • Project scope: Multiscale modeling of the cell membrane-associated phenomena
  • Mentor: Taras Pogorelov
SPIN intern Zaiyan Xu

Zaiyan Xu - Statistics and Computer Science

  • Project scope: Speech-to-text auto captioning
  • Mentor: Michael Miller - NCSA Event Services
SPIN intern Bing Zhang

Bing Zhang

SPIN intern Yankun Zhao

Yankun Zhao - Computer Engineering

SPIN intern Jiacheng (Lily) Zhu

Jiacheng (Lily) Zhu - Computer Engineering

Returning Interns

SPIN intern Adhithya Bhaskar

Adhithya Bhaskar - Computer Engineering

  • Project scope: Replicability and reproducibility in computational physics
  • Mentor: Matthew Krafczyk - Computing and Data Sciences
SPIN intern Debopam Sanyal

Debopam Sanyal - Electrical & Computer Engineering

  • Project scope: Deep neural network model selection with application-specific metrics
  • Mentor: Nigel Bosch - Culture & Society
SPIN intern Tianyu Sun

Tianyu Sun - Computer Science

  • Project scope: Using satellite data for large-scale crop monitoring
  • Mentor: Kaiyu Guan
SPIN intern Michael Toriyama

Michael Toriyama - Materials Science and Engineering

SPIN intern Bing Jyun (Johnny) Tsao

Bing Jyun (Johnny) Tsao - Engineering Physics

  • Project scope: Solving the Poisson equation on irregularly shaped domains
  • Mentor: Roland Haas - Gravity Group
SPIN intern Chuhan (Vivian) Yu

Chuhan (Vivian) Yu - Psychology

  • Project scope: Review of paced-breathing apps in the Google Play Store
  • Mentor: Kiel Gilleade - Culture & Society

Past SPIN interns

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