2020 Summer Interns

SPIN intern Saumya Agrawal

Saumya Agrawal - Computer Science and Statistics

SPIN intern Brian Chen

Brian Chen - Computer Science

SPIN intern Mei Chen

Mei Chen - Statistics

  • Project scope: Truth-seekers and liars: Sorting things out with Python and logic
  • Mentor: Bertram Ludaescher
SPIN intern Zixuan Chen

Zixuan Chen - Computer Science

  • Project scope: Virtual reality and ray tracing for computational materials science
  • Mentor: Andre Schleife
SPIN intern Ke Deng

Ke Deng - Computer Sience and Statistics

SPIN intern Ishani Desai

Ishani Desai - Statistics and Computer Science

SPIN intern Meridith Embry

Meridith Embry - Agricultural and Biological Engineering

SPIN intern Prannav Gupta

Prannav Gupta - Computer Engineering

SPIN intern Xiaobo Huang

Xiaobo Huang - Mathematics

SPIN intern Amber Hunter

Amber Hunter - Nuclear, Plasma, Radiological Engineering

  • Project scope: Virtual micro-reactor user facility
  • Mentor: Kathryn Huff
SPIN intern Xilin Jiang

Xilin Jiang - Computer Engineering

SPIN intern Lujia (Candice) Kang

Lujia (Candice) Kang - Computer Science

  • Project scope: Rockwire
  • Mentor: Hannah Christensen
SPIN intern Sarah Kishta

Sarah Kishta - Community Health

  • Project scope: Gun violence sensor research project
  • Mentor: Ruby Mendenhall
SPIN intern Andrew Sunwoo Lee

Andrew Sunwoo Lee - Chemistry

  • Project scope: Multiscale modeling of the cell membrane-associated phenomena
  • Mentor: Taras Pogorelov
SPIN intern Xinyue Li

Xinyue Li - Computer Science and Mathematics

SPIN intern Rui Liu

Rui Liu - Statistics and Computer Science

SPIN intern Aneesh Lodhavia

Aneesh Lodhavia - Computer Science

SPIN intern Wei Luo

Wei Luo - Computer Science

  • Project scope: Music on high-performance computers
  • Mentor: Sever Tipei
SPIN intern Yuqi Mao

Yuqi Mao - Computer Engineering

SPIN intern Robert Nagel

Robert Nagel - Computer Science

SPIN intern Anshul Shah

Anshul Shah - Engineering Physics

  • Project scope: Meeting the LSST data challenge: Galaxy detection and segmentation with deep learning
  • Mentor: Xin Liu
SPIN intern Rui Shi

Rui Shi - Statistics and Computer Science

  • Project scope: Resolving health disparities by using advanced statistics on complex multidimensional datasets
  • Mentor: Liudmila Sergeevna Mainzer
SPIN intern Keshav Shivam

Keshav Shivam - Computer Science

SPIN intern Andy Sima

Andy Sima - ESE (Sustainability) and Creative Writing

SPIN intern Dhruv Sirsikar

Dhruv Sirsikar - Computer Science

SPIN intern Bing-Jyun Tsao

Bing-Jyun Tsao - Engineering Physics

SPIN intern Andrew Wang

Andrew Wang - Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

  • Project scope: Improving thermoelectric properties via dopability predictions
  • Mentor: Elif Ertekin
SPIN intern Zijun Xu

Zijun Xu - Urban and Regional Planning

SPIN intern Hantao Zang

Hantao Zang - Computer Science and Statistics

  • Project scope: Multiscale modeling of fracture in complex materials
  • Mentor: Ahmed Elbanna
SPIN intern Tao Zang

Tao Zang - Civil and Environmental Engineering

SPIN intern Jianyuan Zhan

Jianyuan Zhan - Statistics and Computer Science

  • Project scope: Rockwire
  • Mentor: Hannah Christensen
SPIN intern Chenyu Zhao

Chenyu Zhao - Computer Science and Linguistics

  • Project scope: Speech-to-text auto captioning
  • Mentor: Michael Miller - NCSA Event Services

Returning Interns

SPIN intern Summer Chao

Summer Chao - New Media and Informatics

  • Project scope: User interface experiments toward improving user experience
  • Mentor: Lisa Gatzke
SPIN intern Kajetan Haas

Kajetan Haas - General Studies

SPIN intern Dina Hashash

Dina Hashash - University Laboratory High School

SPIN intern Vivian Hu

Vivian Hu - Computer Science, Statistics, Chemistry

  • Project scope: Data storage and analysis for optical properties of semiconductor nanocrystals
  • Mentor: Andre Schleife
SPIN intern Zhili Luo

Zhili Luo - Electrical & Computer Engineering

  • Project scope: Virtual reality and ray tracing for materials science data visualization
  • Mentor: Andre Schleife
SPIN intern Alexandr Moore

Alexandr Moore

  • Project scope: World weather data daily
  • Mentor: Peter Christensen - Earth & Environment
SPIN intern Sophia Torrellas

Sophia Torrellas - University Laboratory High School

Past SPIN interns

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